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Hotel Villa Carlotta
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Fabi, Silvestri, Gazzè Florence 2014
Fabi, Silvestri, Gazzè Florence 2014
Fabi, Silvestri, Gazzè Florence 2014
After the huge success of "Life is Sweet" - the first single from the supergroup which debuted at the top of the iTunes charts - will be released in September an album written, produced and performed by the three artists together.

Fabi, Silvestri, Gazzè will be heading to Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence on December 3, 2014 as part of the tour 2014.

During the concert in Florence will be central to the new songs written six hands, but to compose the lineup will include the now twenty-year repertoires of the three artists who are sure to put a hand and voice notes in one of the other.

The supergroup will be accompanied by Roberto Angelini, Dedo (Massimo de Domenico), Monterisi Piero, Gianluca Misiti, Viterbini Adriano, Jose Ramon Caraballo Armas, old and new friends with whom they shared their paths.
Este evento se llevará a cabo en las siguientes fechas 19/08/2014 - 04/12/2014